PostOnce is now offering:

*Group Accounts for Companies requiring multiple posting accounts.


What is a PostOnce Group Account?

A Group Account is one or more Sub-Accounts that are opened under a main PostOnce Account.  The Sub-Accounts are being offered to our members at a discounted rate.
Agents  authorized by you to open Sub-Accounts will have the following Account features:
  • Their own accounts and account numbers..
  • Logins and passwords of their choice.
  • Their own dispatch phone numbers.
  • As account holders, your Agent's  will have Load & Equipment Links to their postings in PostOnce which will allow them to email or fax their postings to anyone, anywhere at anytime! 

Click here for a demonstration:

  • Your Agent's will also broadcast their postings to multiple Posting Sites that they have accounts with plus those Posting Partners that automatically accept PostOnce postings.
  • Your Agent's will be able to add, modify and delete their postings from one convenient site.
  • Your Agent's unique Load & Equipment links will show their current posting listed in PostOnce 24 / 7.
  • Smart Email - send your loads and truck postings automatically!-

Postings On Your Company's Website

  • The unique Load & Equipment Links that comes with each Account can be linked to your Company's Website.
  • PostOnce can even consolidate all of your agents' postings to put on your Company's Website under one Load and  / or Equipment Link!
  • All  postings will be, current and available 24 / 7, according to what your Company has posted in PostOnce.
  • No programming is involved, we have done it for you!

Don't Have A Company Website or A Web Page?

If your Company does not have a Website or

a Web Page, the PostOnce Team can help! 


Click on the links or banner and let us show you how

easy it is to get on the Web!


  • PostOnce is easy to use and requires no software to download.
If you are interested in a Group Account for your Company, give the PostOnce Team a call or and get your send an email to  edith@postonce.net company set up today!
*The Group Account Discount Rate is only applied to those Accounts that are opened under a main PostOnce Account and requires authorization of the main Account Holder.

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