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    What's new at PostOnce?

1. Transportation Partners can now bid on your load  and equipment postings with the Dynamic Web Dispatcher pages for loads and trucks!


Your Dynamic Web Dispatcher Pages now contains View / Bid options at the end of each posting.  This new feature will allow Transportation Partners to bid on your posting by email and sent to the dispatch address that you listed in PostOnce.


Why are these pages Dynamic?


Web Dispatcher pages for loads and trucks are Dynamic because they are WEB PAGES and as you add, update and delete your postings they will automatically update your Dynamic Web Dispatcher Pages making them always current 24/7.


You can use these pages to:

Include in in your website.  
Share with Transportation Partners.  
Show your current postings with the View / Bid feature.  

2. On the "List my loads and List my Trucks" screens each PostOnce Account has a Fax Form button.


You can send these pages with:

A fax program on your computer.  
Emailing the list.  
Printing the page and manually faxing the posting list.  

The fax form pages for loads and trucks includes:

  Load Menu  

Company name  

Phone and Dispatch phone numbers  

Web Dispatcher link for loads  

Your load postings  
  Truck Menu  
Company name  
Phone and Dispatch phone numbers  
Web Dispatcher Link for trucks  
Your truck postings  

Smart Email List


Send your postings automatically to any email address you wish. with PostOnce Smart Email Share your postings automatically, three times a day with your Transportation Partners.

    You can now email your postings for:
both loads and trucks  
    Click here for an example of Smart Email
     Ask us how you can now market your company by combining your PostOnce program features of the Smart Email List and Your
     Dynamic Web Dispatcher Links!
    For more information PostOnce.net  or  these new features, contact
    Edith by email: edith@postonce.net or 985-764-4208
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